In 2020, I decided to host a free Halloween photoshoot for Babes to come and let loose, all dressed up from head to toe. It was awesome! We had amazing food and drinks, spectacular beauty & costumes, and an endless supply of the best vibes! I couldn't have imagined better! ​​​​​​​
Last year, to make the event more inclusive, I invited partners of all, and any photogs that wanted to join!
The same applies for our 2022 event; let's get the party started!
Use code "AKpsBoudoir2022" for a 15% discount on purchases for a limited time!
Just the same as previous years: snacks, drinks, and LOTS OF WILD ENERGY will be served throughout the evening!
Think horror movie characters, villains, damsels, cosplay, imaginary, themed groups, etc... let your imagination wander!
NO pets
NO children under the age of 18
You are more than welcome to arrive ready to shoot by 4pm or take advantage of our hair, makeup or airbrushing options!
There will be at least 2 outdoor themed sets with props and decor. Come by anytime after 10am the morning of October 1st to help set up if you want, and bring anything you think we may want to use!
We will be getting ALL together for a group shot starting at 4pm.
Dusk and after dark will just be fun time to play with lighting and smoke etc!
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